Wet, hot American summer.

“Now we need to make 8 gallons of bug juice by snack hour; Do you know where the powder packets are!??!!” –Gene (Wet, Hot American Summer)

Do you lovely readers get it; It’s another puzzle.

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The perfect storm: Our storm.

There is a movie that we haven’t really spoken a lot about and that movie is called “The Perfect Storm”. It’s a movie about a fishing vessel that sank during an October storm (Also known has the Halloween Gale/Storm).

Once again, we see the same themes (T) – The main themes being of course, a massive wave (Trauma representation), traumatic separation (T-S) and water trauma.

“She’s not going to let us out…”

Our fetish for sinking ships of course drew us to this movie when it was first released. We really don’t know where this fetish for sinking ships originates from but we have the sense as a system that it’s an important piece of the puzzle.

HOW fuckin’ COOL is this scene!?!?!
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