Armageddon: Shuttle crash, our crash.

We are sharing this very intimate pre discovery Echo Element (E/e) with you as a cathartic release, lovely readers. We have echoed this scene with loved ones for at least 2 and half decades, at least a million times (Literally), if not more.

E/e(c), (T), ANP, (A), -f+, I/d, I/p, C3, T/e, OAS.

This is a very simple, yet very complex echo element. This is a visualization of being completely (Some of us) and utterly out of control. I remember (ANP) echoing this with an ex girlfriend thousands of times (In my early 20’s), frantically sobbing, trying to understand why I couldn’t stop watching this scene, over and over and over again.

Note a very terrified and sad Katy Mae (Liv Tyler).


Our warrior; Kayleigh Marie.

Hello lovely readers, thank you for stopping by! (A->) This post is authored by MikeANP and Katy Mae.

Kayleigh Marie was discovered in the Spring of 2016, shortly after Katy Mae made her appearance during our recovery. Kayleigh has been described by loved ones as “Vicious” but there’s another side to her that no one even knows about.

Our warrior, Kayleigh Marie
I/p+, E/p

For as vicious as she can be, she is also a soft, sensual creature that is our voice of reason and has been since the beginning. Let’s delve into who Kayleigh is; Click “Continue Reading”

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Chemical Burn(s)

“It’s only after we have lost everything, that we are free to do anything...”
E/e, E,e(a), ANP, (A), -f+, I/d=M,M, I/-p+,

Kayleigh’s coming soon!

Hello lovely readers. We are all sick and pissed off and and too nauseated to do any heavy writing today. We promise to write about Kayleigh Marie who we found in the spring of 2016, soon.

Until then, check out this fusion echo element.

This is a “Fusion” video. Kayleigh Marie and the male system meeting eachother. Note, the actresses pigtals. This Echo Element was from “MoonRaker” that we saw at a very young age, when the trauma was the worst (Up until that point). This is also an Internal Projection (I/p+) as well as an internal dialogue (I/d=KM,M).

(P) Spoils Of War: Katy Mae.

Katy Mae has done the impossible. She’s watching in awe as the old version (That she sank) of ourselves (Pre discovery) goes to the bottom of the ocean. Note the heavy use of the color blue in this scene.

A loved one commented on how much this woman looks like Amy Lee (33). That’s not coincidence. Noting in our lives is.
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Quick decode: Ghost Ship (Updated)**

This just happened. Katy Mae and I were talking more about Ghost ship and she finally revealed more about this scene. It makes even more sense, now. Usually we only post three articles a day but this one, we wanted to share together, publicly with the world, as it happened. It’s battle between the male and the female, to find finally, recovery.

And that’s exactly what Ms. Mae did. She battled us and won. We found her, she found us.

This is about more than trauma (Water)
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What is a Co-Engagement?

Co-engagements and splits are separate beasts. A split is a dominance issue whereas a Co-Engagement is more of a form of active hiding; A family member (Let’s say Katy Mae) isn’t verbally announcing her presence, or talking with anyone in the system, but is still active, aware and sharing my (MikeANP) body.

This is a co-engagement. Consider it sharing a body. The ANP feels, emotionally and physically, whatever a co-engaged family member is thinking or feeling. They can be very exhausting events.

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