Laundry and primary colors…

Hello lovely readers. We had to break out of the shelter we were in for a few hours to get other things done today, sick, none the less. Bleck. To stay grounded while the laundry is spinnin’ we thought we would just blog to blog. So, let’s do it, our lovelies. Continue reading


“DiD – I don’t have a lot of experience with that!”

Hello lovely readers. When our recoveries began, no one had any answers for us. We had to dump everything and everyone telling us what wasn’t wrong with us and figure out for ourselves what was actually going on. That journey of discovery has led us down bottomless rabbit holes that Kayleigh Marie would describe as “Insanity squared”. Continue reading

Beware the sharp rocks! (Sunday Mashup)

Hello lovely readers. We finally got a solid night of sleep. Well that’s lovely isn’t it? Before our recoveries began, we used to listen to Eric Thomas. Me, the host, is very much a motivational speaker/teacher, and many public speakers have been both ad hoc fragments of mine, and some, Mark’s.

This video saved our lives. Please watch it
Special Blog N/otes: A/IP

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Fight Club: Hi Marla! (Internal Dialogue)

Things just keep gettin’ worse; In that spirit, how’s about “Fight Club”? This was a HUGE  movie (Both good and awful) for us but we won’t spoil it, if you haven’t seen it! This particular scene is both an internal dialogue as well as an external one (Lightcast), that we have yet to cast!

As we have nothing better to do and we are absolutely furious (Ground), let’s talk about it! Continue reading