Late Nite: Our Kayleigh Marie.

The music is perfect. The video footage is just perfect. This is how MikeANP experiences Kayleigh when she’s active. The speed and the energy of this video is classic Kayleigh Marie when’s defending the system.

  We urge loved ones who haven’t experienced this video above, to watch it.  Skip the video to: 1:12.

  Kayleigh is our fighter pilot that her wings clipped before she could fly for herself – Kayleigh is always looking at the skies. I know her heart is crushed she’s stuck on the ground. She knows her home is the air.

In many of our Echo Element (E/e), she’s flying in a defensive formation (lag) with MikeANP or the rest of the system.

Does this look and sound like the Kayleigh Marie you know and experience? We’d love to hear what you think – Feel free to comment!


Spoils Of War: The Edge.

They’ll never find us.

They will. And even if they don’t, we’ll walk out of here.

“The Edge”.

Amazing footage: 1911

Hello lovely readers and welcome back! Thanks for stopping by. Guess what we found? Video footage from 1911, in New York City! This footage is really amazing and you should check it out. It should be noted that all the sound effects were added to the video as it was a silent one, at the time.

We are history nuts. As Kayleigh Marie always says, “All history is revisionist history”.

What’s even creepier is knowing that all these people, with energy and life are now dead. Their children are dead. Kind of disconcerting isn’t it? We, will all of us, come to the same end. Who, we ask you, will be watching videos of all of us, way back in the 21st century?

If we had a mailbag: Fragments.

If we had a mailbag, we are sure we would receive this question: “Can an Altar (A) be a cartoon character(s)?

Yes, absolutely. Two of MikeANP’s major fragments are from a movie called “Open Season”. If you haven’t seen this movie, watch it immediately. It’s a great flick.

In our case, we have a few, but they are fragments (-f+) that anyone in our system can utilize but they aren’t Altar(s), themselves.


Silver linings.

(C/e) There is a silver lining that is the disaster of our recoveries: Being able to finally explain to loved ones, what happened, how we ended up so sick. We have been writing apology letters since the beginning of our recovery. Every once in a great while, someone will be open to listening. In this case, it was an ex girlfriend. We will call her Cammie.

She thankfully and graciously gave us the opportunity to explain what happened to us.

  The conversation that happened was perfect; Too perfect.

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